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Get to know the band!!!! 

Mad Mike

Origins unknown. There is no known record of Mad Mike's background, no birth certificate, no living relatives, no work records, or hospital records... nothing! The only record we have is from Mad Mike himself, which is completely unbelievable. You be the judge... Mad Mike claims to be from another universe, and that his real name is Flarp. His vessel crashed in 1947 in New Mexico along with two of his fellow pilots, which were captured and kept to this day. You know it on Earth as "Area 51". Mad Mike was lucky enough to escape and jump a train that headed to Albuquerque, where he should have made a left turn. Mad mike fell in love with American pop culture and music. Since he's a shapeshifter, he adapted to earthlings' habitat fairly easy. His wide ranging occupations include: doctor, dog catcher, fry cook, square dance instructor, squirrel trainer, moviestar, congressman, even a president... but you wouldn't know it! He claims the two pilots that were captured DID give earthlings hot pockets, flavored vodka, Facebook, (yes Zuckerberg is one of us), cell phones, computers, White Claw(most recently), and the technology to land on the Moon!! (He laughed... haha, yeah right, land on the moon!!) Fake news! Mad Mike claims he knows the truth about big foot, Elvis, the Lochness monster, and that Epstein did'nt kill himself! (He says... "some day I will tell the world, but not now because I'm busy"!)  Now he lives comfortably in a temperature controlled storage unit which the band provides for him. It's a small place, but it's comfy. He says "For now I'm excited... what I'm doing is making others happy but I might get bored some day. Maybe I'll run for president again or shapeshift into something else. Until then I'll enjoy walks in the park, days at the beach, and hairless hotdogs."
Jimmy the Shredder!!

Italian and Eastern European decent. Because of this “mutt” status, Jimmy could never be a made man. He migrated to The Big Apple early in his youth and quickly established his talent for certain entrepreneurial profitable activities and services. Amid his services to the five families, he was exposed to the sounds of music first through Paganini. From there it was DiMeola, Bratta, Petrucci, and Masi to name but a few. Known as Jimmy "The Shreader" Roxx, the moniker holds multiple narratives.
Jack Coke

By the time you read this, I'll already be dead. Good now I got your attention! Jack Coke was born Helmut Van Leisdon in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1970. Eventually his parents, Heinrich and Greta, moved the Van Leisdon family to Minnesota to escape political persecution carrying with them only 17 dollars and list of hairless meat recipes from the old country. It was with those 17 dollars that a global hairless meat empire was born. Young Helmut grew up in the small enclave of Columbia Heights, where he excelled at absolutely nothing. He quickly developed a love of music after watching Bruce Jenner in the Village People movie, "Can't Stop the Music". Poor little Helmut became obsessed with becoming a music star. In spite of having no musical ability, he carried this simple dream with him throughout his youth. His life would soon change dramatically, though, after attending a Motley Crue concert. Inspired by Nikki Sixx, Helmut realized he could pick up a bass guitar and by only playing root notes, people would give him the attention and adoration his parents refused to give him. Helmut changed his first name to Craig and gained 150 pounds to appear more "American", and started playing in such bands as "Satan's Sphincter", and "Colon Cowboys".

Born without parents, this lab created orphan would play funky beats on the window and doors of his marble walled cell. These creative  poly patterns didn't go unnoticed. Upon a mandatory random visitation, Dr. Utmost Regard heard these tasty rhythmic treats and offered Klaus his very first drum set. It wasn't long before he was on his First Vorld Tour with Das Band! 7 Vorld Tours later and Klaus is now the most accomplished drummist north of the Nile and to the right of the Dead Sea. He has played with so many famous musicians that it's pointless even name them all. Klaus' broken English and broken sticks got him recently kicked out of the upbeat down tempo super group Leder and the Hosen. It was a sad night and Klaus found solice with his guilty pleasure of late night crisp snacks and red wine with a little bit of regular whining. The very next day Mad Mike and the crew found Klaus holding a 'Will Drum For Food' sign outside a hardware store in Minnesota and acquired his services on the spot. The rest is history. Klaus drove home in his Lamborghini and can't wait to see YOU at the next Funhouse Show!! 
Greyson Serie

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